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Hello, I am now writing to you in City of Pikeville, KY, USA.

I have been here for 10 days, to work on the event " Taste of China" that includes an art exhibition and some free Chinese traditional poetry and painting classes in 3 schools and the hotel that I am living for hundreds students and adults.

Before I came here and during I am working here, I was / am lucky enough that I have gotten so much good help and   support from the local government, originations media, teachers and students.

For recording so many moved situations, I tried to make some photos and write something as soon as I could and made this column in my tight travel schedule by the good support of my work partners in China.

I do hope that the information in this column can bring you a basic impression about how the local people are warm, friendly and helpful, and how they are interested in Chinese culture and arts.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or leave your message on Message Board. I will be very happy to get your good help and advice.

Shirley Yiping Zhang
May 18, 2013(American Time)

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Art Exhibition Painting & Poetry Classes Art As a Bridge



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