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One of the Feedbacks from Mr. Deolindo from Breazile- Jan 6, 2018
One of the Feedbacks to Happy New Year & Shirley's 569th Friendly Greeting- Jan 6, 2018

Hi, dear Shirley

I'm really impressed with your talent and production capacity, when you are talking and explaining about your art, writings, paintings and poetry, everything seems simple, but I know they are the wonderful result of   a natural talent, but together with   many years of hard studies and dedication. I also think art is just something from an instantaneous inspiration from life, but maybe some artists have more inspiration than the most, and my conclusion is that you are an illuminated artist.
Your new year works are great.



(Notes by Shirley: Mr.Deolindo & his feadback is from Breazile, Jan 7, 2018, he has been one of my friends and readers for 12 years since 2005. )