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Friendly Responding to Shirley's 92nd Friendly Greeting
Dear Friends,

As usual, I have got a lot of friendly responding to my 92nd friendly greeting ? A hard and Big Choice. I am really touched by so much care for from so many good friends.

Monday morning, a teacher who is organizing students in China came to meet me in my office and she wished me to go Chicago still. But, on Tuesday afternoon, I called her and told her that I had made my final decision. In stead of being an international student in the U.S. at this time, I would like to stay in China to work on my current working in the company while continue to learn my art of paining, music, calligraphy, language and writing in English in my limited free time in China.

I will certainly visit the U.S. as a tourist or a business woman or a student or someone else someday. But now, what I want to do is to focus myself on the company working in financial information field. Meanwhile, continue to explore something new on my own little web site. To create something unique in Chinese language learning field via my own advantage on painting, music, calligraphy, literature and culture learning, to create something that has attached my own knowledge copy right on it within the cherish one to two years... :-)

Then, maybe I will be able to start a totally new life in China or in the other side of the Ocean... :-)

I am so lucky that I have got much friendly responding. I do appreciate all of the friends who have written to me and have given me your care for, good ideas, kind suggestions and great supports. I would really like to thank you via publishing a part of your friendly letters here as a great memory forever.:-)

For time problem, I have not asked every friend whether you are happy to see a part of your letters on my web site. If you are not, please let me know. I will delete it soon.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to . You are welcomed to leave your message on Message Board.

Sun, Jun, 24, 2007


A Friendly Responding from Amili (Iran) -- June 24, 2007

Hi Shirley,

I am glad for your two opportunities to study international business administration. I know this course because I read some about it in my MS degree study in Industrial management. It is very nice and I am proud to this. Have a nice week end and have a nice CHOICE my dear friend.


A Kind Encouragement from Joe S.(the U.S.)-- June 23, 2007

Life is good....Shirley,

You are a beautiful woman inside and out...your journey was   been long and hard with many accomplishments...having balance in life is not are a very wise woman....choices are choices and life is what you make of are following your instincts and desires....this is need to make happiness for yourself before
you can help others.....all choices are not final...there is a time for is time for you....


A Friendly Responding from Ms.Z (China)-- July 22, 2007

Dear Shirley,

     我说过, 您真是一位令人敬慕的伟大中国女性! 您会成功选择您的未来, 您的人生已经十分成功和精彩!



A Kind Support from George J (U.S.A.) --June, 22, 2007

Dear Shirley,

I think you made the right decision about going to Chicago.   


A Knowledgeable Advice from John E (England) June 22,2007

Dear Shirley,

I obviously cannot disagree with you wanting a period of western education, in fact I was 57 when I received my PhD. However there does come a time, when your personal life and desires have to be considered.


A Friendly Greeting from Vahhram (Japan) -- June 21, 2007

xie xie ni le


A Friendly Responding from Clancy C.(U.S.A.)--June 20, 2007


Although you did not say which school I'll assume Ohio State in Columbus Ohio. If you choose this school you must understand it is   a very American (commercial) type of city. The good side it is located in an area that is central many places of interest. Good Luck with you quest   and I only hope we Americans do not taint the beauty that is you..


A Kind Responding from Robert (U.S.A.) -- June 20, 2007

Hello to Dear Shirley,

Wow, is this exciting to make a decision to come for the chance to study like you mention in USA   And your city Shenzhen will offer support.   That's really great.... You know your art and singing and writing is so much appreciated by me and countless others.

You really have lots of skills and have done many things .   Quite remarkable for a woman coming through the China transition and now the Gates are opening more...

Chicago and Ohio? wow those are big cities and states in USA with lots of variety and culture. I am sure it has what you need and will make you even more experienced like you desire..... It is golden opportunity. Plus it gets cold there in the winter time...

I loved your art and singing ... its pretty beautiful and remarkable.

Be good and happy


A Kind Support from Stephen (Bahamas)June 20,2007

Hello Shirley:

I hope all is well with you and encourage you to go after your dream. I support your decision it is a great opportunity to learn because of the exposure. Your career will continue to exceed your expectations however you should stay focused. This is also another opportunity to learn the other things as might be associated with cultural differences. Have a wonderful week, you are a fantastic person.


A Kind Wish from Asai (The U.S.) -- June, 18, 2007

Hi, Shirley,

As always I think your heart of service to others is what is best about your personality.   In whatever way you can give more of yourself and uplift other people, and be unselfish is the best choice.   Again, as I've stated before, I think that your talents in art and music are what the world needs up and above your ability to be a manager in a corporation, so any way that you can be more of that artist I think is the right choice.

Xiao Di,


A Nice Advice From Tom Smith (U.S.A.) June 19, 2007

Dear Shirley,
Well you need to in a way follow the mind and heart in this one and make the dec. on what each will offer you and what you can get from each.   


A Friendly Support From Charles (Hong Kong)-- June 18, 2007

Dear Shirley,

I am glad to that you have the opportunities to study in the US. I am even happier to learn that you have decided not to go, because I believe the opportunity cost is too high...   The institutional settings in China are very different from that in the US. Most of the professors there do not really understand what is going on in China. I believe you can learn much more by working and studying on the job.



A Kind Support from Peter (Australia) -- June 18, 2007


I can empathize that you have been struggling with some choices in your life.

I am agree with your thinking processes of trying to balance personal life with career and realizing that we only have a finite life. It seems like you have found the balance - I could take a lesson from you.

Best wishes


A Friendly Advice from Brent ( Canada) --June 18, 2007

Dear Shirley,

It is not a big choice. Life is too short to ignore opportunities and to see the big and wonderful world that God has created. Go to the USA and experience.


A Good Suggestion from Claude (Canada) -- June 18, 2007


I think you’re very clever lady...but don’t think in America all is pink... i know a few think that ...but its not all like how you think have to follow your feeling.


A Kind Advice From Amaury (Holland) --June 18, 2007

Hi, Shirley,

Thanks for your words. This choice is not easy. One year study for all our background you already got and already a doctorate, why a MBA? If you have a doctorate!

You can also make a MBA by distance course or prepare this year for next year. Its to fast nd maybe big stress to do this choice, but you can always look if you can have the same opportunity next time.

Take your time on your advantage.

Who will look your business and manage like you? Watch your back first then plan and monitor and organize your teamwork, network, don't rush.

Let me know before your last decision.


A Friendly Responding from Lloyd (Sweden) June 18. 2007

Dear Shirley,
Congratulation on your achievement to study in the States. I hope that when you are away you will continue to keep in touch with me.


A Friendly Responding from Francis (Canada)--June 18, 2007

Hello dear friend of china,

Since 2000, my life has had a big change, then I would take the choice to take the time to live and do all that I never had the time to do, the work is important to live, but it does not be necessary to live to work only. I am poor but I am well happy, I do not lack nothing, except l love in my life, but c is a thing that l one cannot buy with the work and l money.

My choice do not must influence your decision, I am a different person.

Then if my historic one of life can help you has to do a choice without influencing you. I will be happy,

Thank you for m to grant your dear attention friend. Excuse my english language is very weak.

Your Canadian friend


A Kind Support from Peter(England)--June 18, 2007

Hi Shirley,

I think you should feel very proud that you were offered the chance to study in the US, but you have made the correct decision not to follow this path.

Remember you are starting on your “third age” and should have more time to enjoy yourself…


A Kind Support from Louis (U.S.A.) -- June 18, 2007

Dear Shirley,

We think you have made the very best choice for your quality of life, and we are in fact; very relieved that you have chosen not to go to the Chicago area …We are all breathing deep sighs of gratitude that you have chosen a wise course for your life-style.


A Knowledgeable Advice from Darragh (Canada)June 18,2007

Hi Shirley:

Well, whatever decision you make, I will support you in it. You know much better what you want to accomplish with your life than I.

If you will be happy then this is all that I care about.

I know it has been a big decision for you to make, and studying and working in the United States is not everything.

Sometimes it is better to just walk away from something and often it leads to better things that you do not know about right now.

But the main thing right now Shirley, is that you are happy and content with your decision. Moving to the US is a big change, even if it is only for two years. Two years is a long time. I know what it is like to move to a foreign country… it is quite lonely until you get to know some people, learn the language and can do some things. But having done so, it did turn out to be a rewarding experience.

If I may make a suggestion, and this is a thing that is often used in business, but it can be used in your life as well. Sit down and write the question, Where Am I Now? Then write out all the good and bad things about where you are now from your own personal perspective, and do not leave anything out.

Next write the question, Where Do I Want To Go? Then write out all the things about where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. The third thing to ask yourself is, How Am I Going To Get There? Now write out all of the things you will do to reach your objectives.

This is a lot of work, and you have to think hard about it, but if you take the time to do this, then you will see the gaps and your decisions will be a lot easier to make.

This will permit you to be able to weigh all of the pros and the cons from a more logical and solid perspective.

But whatever you decide Shirley, you know that I am your friend and that I will fully support you in it.

All the best.


A Kind Responding from Garry (U.S.A.)--June 18,2007

Hi Shirley,

You have probably made a good choice... I am sure that you have weighed all of your options, one against the other, and have made what you believe to be the best choice for you.   Once you have made your definite decision, it is not a good thing to continue asking yourself if it was the correct decision.   You must do what is best for your life circumstances and position.   I am sure you will do very well at anything you do.   


A Friendly Responding from Antonio Z ( U.S.A.) -- June 19, 2007

Dear Shirley,

WOW that is great news about your Hard/Big choice :)

I really like what you write; I can tell you are a very intelligent yet beautiful WOMAN!!! If were me I would probably pursue my Career and come to USA for further education and learning if you could especially if Chicago...

I understand your difficult decision as you are very multi-talented in your Arts/music as well as International Business Management...



A Friendly Responding from Franklin S. (U.S.A.) -- June 18, 2007

Hi Shirley,

Wow―things are happening for you at such a rapid pace.   

I came here from Chicago ―I lived there about 8 years. Great City !   Cold in the winter, but a great city.

It can be a small world ― you just never know sometimes what opportunities might lie ahead, or where they may be.   Someday our paths might even cross, who knows?   I’ve been reading your weekly newsletters, and I just don’t know how you keep up with everything that you’re doing (yes, I know, the catnaps in the bathroom).   Again, my congratulations.   



A Kind Advice from Joe C. (U.S. A.) -- June 18, 2007


Please take Chicago. Best of luck to you