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A Good Feedback of Dr.Kong Guoping - My former Middle and High School Teacher from Beijing, China -- August 8, 2013
Hello, Shirley,

Instead of choosing a comfortable life in Sydney or in Shenzhen, you came to Beijing to study hard, this is a quite noble spirit.

You got the nutrition for your mind from the literatures of the ancient sages, such as Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and Zhuangzi, this will help you to improve your artistic taste, you should keep doing it.

I feel that both of you and I have something similar: do not pursue the resplendence, but wish to have a clear conscience, never want to be a miserable person with no accomplishment of any kind to my credit.

You are willing to deliver Chinese literature and arts to the world, I am willing to deliver science to the world. Our dreams are same, they are all to deliver Chinese culture.

I am proud of you as my student.

Kong Guoping

一平:你好!你离开舒适的悉尼和深圳,到北京刻苦学习,这种精神很可贵。你从孔孟老庄等先哲的著作中吸取思想营养,这会提高你的艺术品位,应予坚持。我觉得你和我有相似之处:一生不求辉煌,只求无愧于心,决不碌碌无为。 你志于传播文学艺术,我志于传播科学思想,我们的理想是相通的,同属中国文化。我为有你这样的学生而骄傲。 孔

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Shirley Yiping Zhang
August 8, 2013(Beijing Time)