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The Feedback about My Chinese Poetry and Painting Classes, Art Workshops & Visitings in Missouri State, USA -- Sep 13 -Oct, 2013.
I am luck enough to have an opportunity to go back USA to have my 5th travel and the 2nd travel in 2013.

Originally, I would have a short travel for 2 weeks. Before I started my the travel, I got the responding about volume one of my last book series from the Office of Chinese Language Concil of International and also I got a new assignment from Jinan University.

The Office of Chinese Language Council of International gave me a good comments about the originality, methods of my book and my own artistic, cultural level, also they pointed that my English level needs to be improved; meanwhile, the publishing house wished me to write a little book to introduce something about American culture by recording my own experience in the US.

Therefore, I changed my travel time from 12 days to be 90 days and I would like to stay in Missouri State for a longer time, to teach the content in my book and to get feedback as much as possible; to attend English and Bible lessons and to improve my English level and understanding about one of the important spirit support of American society; to touch the local people as much as possible, to learn the local American culture and to see whether my project can be developed here now and in the future...

Therefore, I pay more attention to collect the responding from the local people and to record down them. Meanwhile, I would like to share a part of them with you.

With the link, you will be able to see this part:

Feedback about My Travel and Work in Missouri State, USA, Sep - Oct, 2013

I will update it along with the time until my travel is finished.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or leave your message on Message Board.

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Oct 10, 2013(Beijing Time)