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The Feedback about My Classical Poetry Work from July Leese -- Oct 10, 2013
I got the feedback from July Leese today, when I am in Springfield, MO, USA. I have written to her /him, in case she or he is in the same place, I will be happy to offer her or him more Chinese Classical Poems. :-)

Also, tonight, I will have an English and Chinese exchange lessons with two ladies. If you are in Springfield and you have seen this inform, you are welcome to connect me.

Take care and thanks, have a good day.


Oct 10, 2013

I am a mature student and in my third year.

Classical Chinese is my weakest subject as I find it hard to memorise the traditional characters let alone how to translate.

I came across your website while searching for an English translation to Song Zhiwen's poem 局査臭。

I enjoyed the way you explained it.

So thank you very much.

Kind regards


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Shirley Yiping Zhang
Oct 10, 2013(Beijing Time)