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My Endless Gratitude -- Oct 28, 2016

The purpose I did this publication series for making a textbook series for my course -- Chinese World’s Humanities by enjoying and practicing multi Chinese arts (poetry, music, painting, calligraphy, Chinese language, Chinese characters, stamps, literature, history and so on ) together at Ozarks Technical Community of College in USA since 2017. It is a part of my cross-culture and comprehensive art dream and it can be    textbook series or reference data for the similar courses of the other schools and individuals to teach or learn Chinese culture or language.

Today, when I basically finish the second volume of the series, I myself cannot imagine that 8 years ago, when I just set foot on the land of the USA first time for getting my first Master degree of Administration at Missouri State University on September 28, 2008, I did never realize that today, I have been a graduate student for my second Master degree of Fine Arts of Chinese National Academy of Arts since September 21, 2016 and I will be an instructor on Chinese World Humanities in an American college with my own textbooks.

In the past 8 years, there are too many things happening in my life. In my heart, it is full of the endless gratitude to so many people and originations which have directed, supported and helped me, so that I would like to list them here and remember all of them forever.

-- The Endless Gratitude to My Chinese Alma Maters on Art and My First Teachers

Sept 10, 2010, a former colleague and friend enrolled for me in China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing when I was at the hospital in Shenzhen; and then, when I went into the best art school of China on Nov 26 in my sick leave after learning Chinese painting for 8 years in my free time and having twice art exhibitions in the USA, I just wanted to realize an art dream which is from my childhood ( I learned opaque watercolor painting and oil then, but it was stopped before I went to university, and re-started since 2002 but on Chinese painting). I myself didn't expect that I would be able to study Chinese painting as a full time student in Beijing for 5 years and I have entered the 6th year and it will be lasted until the 8th years at least…   The simply reason is the more I study, the more I feel Chinese arts’ broad and profound and the more I realize the leaks or empties on my knowledge framework, the more I want to improve myself.

So, I would really like to thank Chinese National Academy of Arts (CNAA ) and China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA ) and the 59 (37 from CNAA and 22 from CAFA) professors and tutors who taught me face to face in Beijing and my 3 first art teachers and 3 vocal music coaches, for they have given me a new and artistic educational background and helped me lay a good foundation for my future development. I would really like to thank and always remember:   

陈平教授Prof. Ping Chen – Dean of School of Painting at China Central Academy of Fine Arts and a supervisor of Ph.D. students. It was he who pointed out that “ Poetry is the core of Chinese paining, the final competition of Chinese painting is poetry instead of technique ” and it was he who told me how to lay a stable professional foundation for my cross-culture and comprehensive art dream on painting, music as well. What he said to me face to face has been directing my working direction as a motto since June 18, 2011.

满维起教授 Prof. Weiqi Man – President of Chinese Traditional Painting Academy and former Executive Deputy Dean of Chinese Painting School at Chinese National Academy of Arts and a tutor of master students. It was he who appointed some ancient masters in Chinese art history for me to learn, and it was he who supervised me to go on a right road for 4 years ( Sept, 2011 to July, 2015) . He also offered a free study opportunity for me in his school for 2 months in 2016. He was an advisor of the Volume 1 of this publication series.

穆家善教授 Prof. Jiashan Mu – Professor of Chinese National Academy of Arts and former Professor of Maryland Institute of Arts in the USA; Deputy Dean of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting School at Nanjing University; President of Asian Pacific Art Institute of America. It was he who opened my mind and helped me to see my little cross-culture and comprehensive art dream from a new and international view. He is the current supervisor of my study for getting the Master degree of Fine Arts in CNAA, and he is an advisor and art director of this publication.

The other professors and instructors who taught me face to face in Chinese National Academy of Arts: 田黎明教授Pro. Liming Tian,蒋彩苹教授Prof. Chaiping Jiang 李魁正教授 Prof. Kuizheng Li, Jiang, 高卉敏教授 Prof. Huimin Gao, 林若曦教授Ruoxi Lin 张鸿飞Prof. Hongfei Zhang, 许俊教授Prof. Xu Jun, 韩学中教授 Prof Han Xuezhong, 苗在新教授Prof. Zaixin Miao, 李乃宙教授Prof. Naizhou Li, 何延吉教授Prof. Yanji He, 韩敬伟教授Prof. Jingwei Han, 白云湘教授 Prof. Yunxiang Bai, 周尊圣教授Prof. Zunsheng Zhou, 曾先国教授Prof. Xianguo Zeng, 王同君教授Prof. Tongjun Wang, 刘选让教授Prof. Xuanrang Liu,      刘万鸣副教授Associate Prof. Wanming Liu, 潘樱副教授Associate Prof. Ying Pang, 成振国老师 Mr. Zhenguo Cheng, 苗重安老师 Mr. Chongan Miao赵国经、王美芳老师Mr. Guojing Zhao, Mrs. Meifang Wang, 田云鹏先生Mr. Yunpeng Tian, 曹传真先生Mr. Chuanzhen Cao, 吴冰博士Dr. Bing Wu, 刘波博士Dr. Bong Liu, 曹建华博士Dr. Jianhua Cao and 周午生老师 Mr. Wusheng Zhou, 李雪松老师Mr. Xuesong Li. My tutors: 吴彤老师Mr. Tong Wu, 卢文清老师Mr. Wenqing Lu, 孙琪老师Mr. Qi Sun, 马胜利老师 Mr. Shengli Ma, 任鸣老师 Mr. Ming Ren and 冀燕老师 Ms. Yan Ji.

The other professors and tutors who taught me face to face in China Central Academy of Fine Arts: 唐永力教授Prof. Yongli Tang, 李洋教授Prof. Yang Li, 苏百君教授Prof. Baijun Su, 崔晓东教授Prof. Xiaodong Cui, 姚明京教授Prof. Mingjing Yao,李铁生教授Prof. Tiesheng Li, 刘庆和教授Associate Prof. Qinghe Liu, 于光华教授Prof. Guanghua Yu, 姚舜熙教授Prof. Shunxi Yao, 刘荣副教授Associate Prof. Rong Liu, 毕建勋副教授Associate Prof. Jianxun Bi, 岳黔山副教授Associate Prof. Qianshan Yue, 丘挺副教授 Associate Prof. Ting Qiu, 徐海副教授Associate Prof. Hai Xu, 谢青副教授 Associate Prof. Qing Xie, 金瑞副教授Associate Prof Rui Jin, 林彬副教授 Associate Prof. Bin Lin,张弓老师Mr. Gong Zhang, 张猛老师Mr. Meng Zhang and my tutors郭亚凯老师Mr. Yakai Guo and 李刚老师Mr. Gang Li.

Also I would like to thank and remember my first art teachers forever:

My deceased first American art and music teacher Mr. Charlie K
My first opaque water color painting and oil painting teachers Mr. Liren Wang王立人先生
My first Chinese painting teacher Prof. Hui Tao陶辉教授
My first Chinese landscape painting teacher Mr. Gang Li 李刚老师
My first tutor on painting from the nature with pen Mr. Tong Wu 吴彤老师
My first tutor on painting from the nature with Chinese brusher Prof. Tiesheng Li 李铁生教授

My first music tutor on composition and vocal music simultaneously Prof. Weiye Meng 蒙伟业教授.
My first and second vocal music coachs Mrs. Xuan Ma马萱老师 and Mrs Yan Huang黄燕老师

--The Endless Gratitude to My American Alma Mater-- Missouri State University and Missouri People

Missouri State University not only gave me an opportunity to get my degree of MBA, but also it helped me become an artist and found the cross-culture and comprehensive art road. I would like to thank and remember these faculty and staff of the University:

Associate Vice President Stephen H. Robinette, he has been the American advisor of this cross-culture and comprehensive art publication series since 2013. It was he who gave me a hand or a clearly opinion at almost each most difficult time or the hardest choices. It was he who has helped me to save the 64 pictures which I had donated to Springfield, MO in 2010 since July, 2011.

Associate Professor Paul Ashcrof, Ms. Sivill, Elizabeth A, Mr. Dementyeva, Rano B and Mr. Thornton, Craig M of Accountancy School for they corrected 2 articles I had written for this publication in 2015.

President Clifton M Smart for he met me, attended my art exhibition at Ozarks Technique College of Community and recommended me to a course on Feb 24, Feb 27 and July 19 2014.

Associate Vice President Bradley V. Bodenhausen for he recommended me to apply a study opportunity in 2014, helped me to save the 64 pictures which I had donated to Springfield, MO to the place of Mr. Joe Jenkins in 2010 and sponsored my first art exhibition in 2009.

Vice president William Brent Dun for he accepted my interview and gave me some actual directions Nov 12, 2013.

Associate Vice President and Director of Plaster Student Union Thomas Lane, for he sponsored my second art exhibition in the US in May 6 to 25, 2010; Former Provost Belinda McCarthy, for she approved the art exhibition and attend it on Mar. 6, 2010; Director Robin Low of the Brick City Art Gallery, for she organized the art exhibition; Pref. Edward Chang for he did the most logistic work during the art exhibition; Chinese Specialist Xiaoou Gong of Business College for he did the connection jobs of the exhibition and he helped to save my donated 64 paintings to Springfield to the place of Mr. Joe Jenkins, in May, 2010.

Per Course faculty Hing Wah Hatch and Associate Prof. Mr. Jerry Hatch for they did the most logistic jobs for me to teach during my first art exhibition at Creamery Art Center, MO, in Sept, 2009.

Vice President James P. Baker, Ms. Kristan E. Gochenauer, Prof. Yungchen Cheng, Mr. Zhang Peng; Prof. Gloria J. Galanes, Prof. Carolyn Cardenas, Prof. Jason R. Jolley and Dr. Weirong Yan of Arts and Letter College; Prof. Olen Greer, Prof. Steve K. Olson, Prof. Glenn Pace and Instructor Patrick R. Sells of Business College have offered help on my dream seeking.

I would also like to thank the other professors and tutors taught me face to face 2008 to 2009:   Prof. David Meinert, Prof. Kent Ragan, Prof. Parker Richard S, Prof. Keith, Nancy K, Prof. Elizabeth, Prof. Charles Hermans, Prof. Carlo Smith, Prof. John Kent, Prof. Randall Sexton, Prof. William Donoher and Ms. Anna Brashers.

I would specially like to thank Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce of Springfield and its former Executive Manager Brad Bodenhausen, Springfield Regional Arts Council and its former Executive Director Leah Hamilton for they sponsored my first art exhibition in Sep, 2009.

Thank Director of Programs Stephanie Cramer of Springfield Regional Art Council for she did every thing and directed the art exhibition in 2009 and my art show at ArtFest in 2010. It was she who planned and arranged all of the demonstrations for the local people at K-12 schools and their art center in 2009.

I would like to thank the art teachers for they organized my Chinese art demonstrations in their schools:

Art teacher Tracy A. Gardner-Snodgrass of Hickory Hills Middle School.
Headmaster Livingston and Art Teacher Erin Hughes of Robberson Elementary School.
Art teacher Kanvnila Price and teacher Dave Cowens of Bailey Alternative High school.
Art teacher Cindy Bylander of Kickapoo High School.
Teacher Calvin Lallen and teacher Ms. Rosliand of Springfield Community Center.
Art teacher Stephanie Lemons of Sherwood Elementary School.
Art teacher Kevin Zimmerman of Harrison Elementary School.
Art Instructor Hing Wah Hatch and Associate Prof. Mr. Jerry Hatch of Missouri State University       of Art department of Missouri State University
Professor Hue Ping Chinn of Art Department of Drury University

I would like to thank President David Manuel of Drury University, Mrs. Manuel and Dr. Rebecca D. Burrell for they came to my speech scene at their art center where the Northwest District Art Teacher Association organized for me on Nov 8, 2013. The questions of Mrs. Manuel “ Do you want to teach? ” “ Do you want to teach after finishing your study in Beijing?” lighted my mind and gave me the first inspiration to think of extending my original teaching boundary to the higher academic fields. As a result, now I have become a candidate of Master Degree of Fine Arts in the highest art research organization of China.

I would really like to thank Ozark Technical Community College and its Fine Arts and Humanities Department and the Fine Art Gallery, for they sponsored my 4th and 6th comprehensive art exhibitions in Feb, 2014 and in Feb, 2016. Especially, they have approved me to open a new and creative course – Chinese World Humanities in their college since 2017.

I would really like to thank and remember:

Dean Lance Renne for he was present my exhibitions and approved the new course his college in Feb, 2016.
President Hai Higronof, for he awarded me a Appreciate Certificate at my art exhibition and told me “Come back earlier…” in Feb, 2014.
Provost Steve Bishop for he was be present my exhibitions and supported my work in his college.
Art instructor Mrs. Cynthia Moorce, Music instructor Mrs. Marilyn Dunn for they organized my demonstrations in their departments in Feb, 2014.

Dr. Gerard Jessica, for she recommended me to her college and organized the first two lessons for me in her college in April, 2010. Ms. Vicki and Mrs. Fran Giglio for they trained me English Sept, 2015 to Feb, 2016; Ms.????    and Ms. ???? for they trained me and taught me how to be a good instructor in 2015.

Especially I appreciate Mrs. Kat Allie – the Department Chair of the Fine Arts and Humanities Department and Fine Art Gallery Manager at Ozark Technical Community College. It was she who did all of the things to help me and to give me those opportunities with her good insight with an open mind on foreign culture and Chinese arts. What she has done have not only brought me so much encouragement and so many inspirations which have affected and will influence on my cross-culture and comprehensive art dream seeking, but also she has set up a good example for me on how to treat a strange foreign student or a dreamer when she or he is nothing yet. If there were no Mrs. Kat Allie and her good help, there would not be my today.

I would really like to thank Seymour R-II Public School and its Superintendent D. Bruce Denny and Principal Brian Wilbanks of the High School, for they gave me 3 opportunities to share what I have learned and dreamed with their students and local people in May, 2010, Sept, 2013 and Feb, 2014.

I would especially like to thank their former Art teacher Wanda Nava, for she organized all of my Chinese comprehensive art presentations, demonstrations and teachings 21 times at their school since 2010 to 2014 and recommended me to the other schools and art organizations.

I would like to thank President Crayl Posada - Stillings of Ava Artist Guild for she organized twice workshops for me to share Chinese culture and arts with its members on Sept 21, 2013 and Dec??? , 2015.

I would like to thank President Riann Lubinski of Northwest District Art Teacher Association and the Co-president Desiree Young of Visual Art Alliance and Mrs. Chrise August of Visual Art Alliance of Springfield for they organized respectively a lecture for their members and I on Nov 9, 2013 and on Sept. 13, 2015.

I would like to thank Brentwood Branch Library, Springfield, MO and its former manager Ms. Kim Flores for she approved my comprehensive art exhibition in their library Sept 1 to 30, 2015.

I would especially like to thank Librarians Peggy Hanes for she and her colleagues not only organized my 5th art exhibition in the USA, but also offered a place for me to teach in their library September to December, 2015.

I would like to thank Mrs. Glad Syermer and Principal Paula Baird of Immaculate Conception School, Principal Cheryl Hall of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School and Principal Lindsay Paulsell of St. Agnes School for they organized lessons for 66??? hours for me in their schools and about 1,600 person time attended my two courses September to December, 2015. In the courses, my “Traditional Chinese Painting Course” and “Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese (Together With Me Learn Chinese Culture and Language by Enjoying and Practicing Painting, Music and Poetry” were getting mature. Both of them were pregnant with the new course   “Chinese World Humanities ” in OTC in 2017.

I would like to thank President Lonnie Funk, Ms. Tamara Simpson, Mr. Tony Martine and Mr. Steve Reed of the Rolling Oaks Group of Companies LLC, Springfield, MO, Mr. Don Haselhorst and Ms. Lean of Haselhorst Properties for their good help on my accommodation in 2013 and in 2015. Thank Department Manager Leigh Anne Garren of University Plaza, Springfield, MO for her good help in 2013 and 2014.

I would specially like to thank Honor Doctor Harriet Mears of Drury University for she offered a free accommodation for me for 10 days in 2010. Thank Mr. Joe Jenkins for he offered a free storage and looked after my donated 64 paintings May, 2010 – July, 2011. Thank Ms. Mary Ellen for she offered a house for me Sept 20, to Nov. 18, 2015.

I would especially thank Mr. Zhu Bin and his wife, Mr. John Walker and his wife, Mr. John David Lawson and his wife, Mrs. Ellen ???? and her husband, and Inspector ????   for their so much help on buying a house (and looking after it) for founding a base for my little cross-culture and comprehensive art dream in America. Thank Mrs. Faith Eostman, Ms. Angie. Sachse and Mr. Daniel Hou for their good help on my accommodation in the USA. Thank President Ron Buffalow and Mr. John of the BTI Pest Control LLC for killing the insect in my house.

I would like to thank the Police Officers ????    ,???      , and    ??? , for their seasonable help me on my safety and rescuing a broken water pipe in my house at a midnight in Feb, 2016.

I would like to thank President Don Stilley of      ???? for he bought my 3 paintings once time on Jan 2, 2016.

Here are my endless Gratitude to all of the kind Missouri people who have helped, supported and directed me and the honorific Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri State, USA…

-- My Endless Appreciation to Kentucky and Kentucky People

I would really like to thank Kentucky World Language Association, Kentucky Chinese Teacher Association, Confucius Institute at University of Kentucky and 24 American Chinese teachers for they helped my cross-culture and comprehensive art was extended into the field of Chinese as the second language first time in the US in 2011

I would also like to thank the Government of City of Peckville, Eastern Kentucky Expo and Peckville Artisan Alliance, for they organized my 3 rd cross-culture and comprehensive art exhibition in their city and my original demonstration was turned into “ Poetry, Painting, Music – Comprehensive and Artistic Chinese” and “Traditional Chinese Painting” two courses in the US since May, 2013.

I do appreciate and would like to remember these people and organizations:   

President Randy Barrette of Kentucky World Language Association
Director Huajing Xiu of the Confucius Institute at University of Kentucky
Former President Yan Wang of Kentucky Chinese Teacher Association
American Chinese teacher Shanshan Li of Yates Elementary School
Headmaster Tara Isaace of Dixie Magnet Elementary School
American Chinese teachers Chen Hong and art teacher Rachel Losch of Dixie Magnet Elementary School
Former American Chinese teacher of Xuelian Lei of Crawford Middle School
Former American Chinese teacher Shanli Zhao of Tates Creek High School
Former American Chinese teacher Yiran Zhou of Leestown Middle School
Art Substitute Teacher of Lexington Traditional Magnet School

City Manager Donovan Blackburn of City of Peckville
Former General Manager Steve St. John of Eastern Kentucky Expo
President Frank Dawahare of Pikeville Artisan Alliance
Director Minta Chanry of Artisan Alliance of Peckville

Especially I would like to thank the former Grant Administrator Mrs. Leigh Ann Hughes of City of Pikeville and Director of Pikeville Artisan Alliance for she organized all of the jobs in her city, did the connection Nov, 2012 - May, 2013 and offer all logistical jobs.

Art teacher Paula Smith of Pikeville High School
Art teacher Paula Martin of Pikeville Elementary School
Art teacher Bami Lucas of Pikeville Central School

I really appreciate Mr. Eddie Liu and his wife who are the Owners of Beijing Restaurant of Pikeville for they sponsored the advertisement of my third art exhibition in the USA, 2013. Thank General Manager Sam Keith of Hampton Inn for their good service in May, 2013.

I would also like to thank the friendly buyers at my art exhibition in Kentucky:
Mrs. St. John – Wife of Mr. Steve St. John
Mrs. Garlene Layne-Abshire – Art teacher of North Point Academy
Mr. Frank Caven
Mrs. Emma Jones – An attorney
Prof. John Howie of Pikeville University
Dr. Nicole Schnopp-Wyatt
A young man I do not know his name.
Mr. Frank Dawahare

Especially I really appreciate Emeritus Professor Bill R Booth and my American art mentor and guide since 2009, for he checked more than 100 paintings of mine and helped me open the gate of Kentucky. Thank Mr. Yiran Zhou for he introduced me to Dr. Booth and was a bridge between Missouri and Kentucky for me.

-- The Endless Gratitude to Media and My Work Partners

In the course of my cross-culture and comprehensive art budded and developed, I have gotten much help from media and my work partners. Jinan University Press published 2 series with 6 books, 4 CDs and 2 DVDs, more than 1 million words for me; 1 Chinese newspaper, 3 American newspapers and 2 American TV stations made reports about my work in the USA. I would really like to thank and to remember these people and organizations:

Former President Hua Wang 王华 of Jinan University Publishing Press, former vice President of Jinan University, Chief Supervisor of E-bridge Cross-cultural Series I and current President of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics for he approved and supervised the first publication series.

President Yixing Xu 徐义雄of Jinan University Publishing Press for he approved and supervised the E-bridge Cross-culture & Comprehensive Art series II and mentioned out of the idea to create some cross-culture works and he has been giving some good directions on the publication series.

Vice President Shengying Huang 黄圣英, Assistant President Fengqiang Jin金凤强, Ms. Yueqiu Liang 梁月秋of Jinan University Press, President Xiaolu Du杜小陆of Humanity Branch at Jinan University Press for their good jobs on the publication series.

Director Min Lin林敏of the News Desk of Shenzhen Daily, China for their reports in 2009 and 2013.
Ms. Elizabeth Thompson and Reporter of Appalachian News – Express, USA for their report 2013.   
Five Radio Broadcasters and East Kentucky Broadcasting, USA for their reports in 2013.
Two Reporters and the TV Station of Pikeville, KY, USA for their reports in 2013 and 2014.
Mrs. Camille F. D. Dautrich and News-Leader of Springfield, MO USA for their report in 2014.   
The reporter and Springfield TV station, MO, USA for their report in 2014.
Also the newspaper office in Seymour City, MO, USA.   

I would also like to thank my volunteer work partners for their friendly help:

Mr. Miguel Mckeley and Mr. John Hayden who are the graduates of Portland University and the owner of Englishbaby for they created the articles and recorded the CDs in English for the first E-bridge Cross-cultural and Comprehensive Art series – Together With Me Learn True American English in 2000 to 2001.      

Prof. Xijia Su 苏希嘉, Vice Provost Charles Jieping Chen 陈洁平 of China Europe International Business School and former Associate Dean and Dean of Accounting Department at Hong Kong City University for they checked and corrected all my translation with 0.93 million words from English into Chinese in the 4 books of the first series for 2 years for free.

Assistant General Manager Charlie Qu Zhang 张全of the Network Company and Department Manager of Securities Times Newspaper Office for he did all of the technology support jobs for me in his free time for free since 2005 to 2016.

English Tutor Mr. Mike Joyce from Britain for he checked and corrected all of my writing for my cross-culture and comprehensive art and the second series publication for free since 2002 to 2016.

English Tutor – Mrs. Xiaogang Zhang 张晓岗 from China for she checked and corrected all of my articles in this publication for free since 2014 to 2016.

Designer Hongye Zhou周红叶 for she did the art design of the first DVD and the first book of the second series for free.

Also, I would like to thank Designer Bao Yinjun包殷珺for she designed and printed my 5 albums of paintings 2010 – 2015 before I started a new international travel and worked in a quite tight schedule.   

-- The endless Gratitude to My Doctors and Nurses

Since Dec, 2009, whole of the process of working on my cross-culture and comprehensive art study, practice and travels is also the courses to fight with my sicknesses. So, in my heart, it is full the endless gratitude to my doctors and nurses:   

Department Head and Chief Physician Yu Liu 刘郁of Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital for her final diagnosis on a key sickness which had led the other sicknesses did not only correct the misdiagnose, but also saved my eyes.

Executive Vice-President Qiujiuan Zhang张秋娟 of Shenzhen Far-East Women’s and Children’s Hospital for she and her team helped me for many years and finally overcame some dangerous sickness.

Department Head and Chief Physician Song 宋主任, Wang王主任, Dr. Zhidong Yuan袁治东 and Dr. Qi Lin 林琦of Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital.
Department Head and Chief Physician刘红霞 of Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital.
Dr. Yang Song宋洋 of Shenzhen First People’s Hospital for she gave me the first 2 surgeries and helped me start the fights with sicknesses since 2009.
Head Rong Liu刘蓉 of Pet CT Department of Shenzhen Armed Police Force Hospital for she called me at 10:30pm and told me the result of the check result in her hospital.
Dr. Deng邓医生 of    from Shenzhen Futian People Hospital.

Head-Nurse Min Gong龚敏 of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital for she helped me to see an oculist emergently before I started an international travel on April 26, 2010 and arranged and adjusted my surgery schedules according to my international travels twice in 2013.

I would especially like to thank the kind American Oculist in Springfield, MO for his diagnosis on my eyes gave me hope and the courage to find the reasons which led the problems.   

I do appreciate all of the other doctors and nurses I do not know their names yet…

-- The endless Gratitude to Some Leaders and Experts, Former Bosses, Colleagues and Classmates

It is really an unexpectedness to be able to go into the best academy of fine arts and the highest academy of art research of China in 2010 since 2011 and stayed in Beijing for 5 years. During the time, I have gotten so much care for, help and support from a lot of people. It is full of the appreciation to them and would like to remember them iforever:   

Mrs. Jinhong Wang王锦红, Mr. Yan Liu, 刘妍 and Director Ping Liu刘兵of Division of Teaching Materials of Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters for they organized some experts to check and evaluate the first volume of this publications series, and gave me a sincere appraisal with much encouragement and pointed out the direction of my future work.

Former Vice Minister Hong Jiang 江泓 of Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Youth League and Professor, for he interviewed me and wrote“ 静心如莲Jing Xin Ru Lian – Keep a peaceful heart just like a water lily” for me.

Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director Xuewen Huo   霍学文of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work for he has been an important supporter on my cross-culture and comprehensive art studying, creating and practice and always gave me a hand when I needed help.

The main founder and the first Editor in Chief蒋亚平教授Prof. Yaping Jiang of People's Daily Online a Nieman Fellow of Harvard University, Deputy Secretary-general of China Land Science Society and the former President of China's Land Resources Newspaper Office, for he led me into the Internet field in 1997 and he has been the Chinese Advisor of my cross-culture and comprehensive art dream seeking since 2005 and the publication since 2013 to 2016.

Professor and Supervisor of Ph.D. Students Zhulan Fang 方竹兰 of Renmin University of China, for she has been trying to help and support me since she met me in Beijing in 2012.

Mr. Robert Rao of Shenzhen University and former official of International Talent Training Center of Zhenzhen Personnel Bureau for he recommended me to Missouri State University.

General Manager Zhong Li 李忠 of   Leema Australia Pty Ltd., for he introduced me to the local educational organizations and helped me on the poem translation of this publication.

Executive Chairman Zhang Jin 张晋 of Australian ????? for she is an advisor of this publication series since 2014 and Chairman Bi Lin 林彬of Australian Chinese Language School Corporation for his good help and directions since 2014.

Dr. David Wenhao Liu 刘文豪from Stanford University for his good help on my study in the USA in 2009 and help on   technology since 1997.
Director Dennis Hart of the Visiting International Professionals Program at Michigan State University.

Especially I would like to thank the deceased Senior Reporter Mingliang Zhao –赵明亮of the Xinhua News Agency for his good help.

I would especially like to thank my former bosses and colleagues for their good support when I studied in the USA , was sick in Shenzhen and studied in Beijing. Something I most moved is since Sept, 2008 to March, 2013, they kept my single office in the company, kept me a position as their colleague and one of the founders of the companies, let me see my personal value, felt warmth and had confidence to fight with the sicknesses and to return the society and this world.

Former Vice President Mr. Ming Zhou 周明 of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, former President of Shenzhen Securities Information Co. Ltd. and General Manger of China Securities Registration and Settlement Company.

Former General Manager Song Zheng 郑颂 of Shenzhen Securities Information Co. Ltd. and Shenzhen City Panorama Networks Co. Ltd.

Main Founder and the First President and Editor in Chief Fengyi Wu武凤仪of Securities Times Newspaper Office, Chairman of China Capital Market Research Association.

Department Director Shuliang Zhang张树良 of a Subsidiary at China's Securities Regulatory Commission and former department manager of Shenzhen Securities Information Co. Ltd. for his helping me on logistics jobs when I was in Beijing in 2010 to 2015.

Dr. Man Sun 孙满and Mrs. Xiaoqun Liao 廖肖群, for they have offered much help on my finance management.

Mrs.Xiaolu Go高晓璐,    Mrs. Lijun Chen陈丽君, Mrs. Yanjie Yu于延杰 and Mr. Yingfang Zhao赵迎仿gave their hands on my logistics.

Former monitor 杨广印Guangyin Yang of my class at China Central Academy of Fine Arts offered a lot of logistic in 2011 to 2012.   

-- The Endless Gratitude to the God

It is lucky enough for I have come to an area where still keeps strongly original American culture, custom and a the Holy Land of Christianity. Since I landed here first day, I have been getting so much kind help from the local people. They have not only lead me to go back to the family of the God, but also helped me to help more people and this world. With a grateful heart, I would really like to thank:

Mr. John David Lawson for he is my first tutor of Bible and for he who organized 4 Missionaries to give me the Bible lessons 2008 to 2009 and also for he looked after my house when I left for China.

Prof. Olen Greer of Missouri State University for he influenced me since 2008 as a typical Christians who worked extremely hard and responsible and lived cleanly and honestly with Bible as his rules of conducts.

Prof. Steve K. Olson of Missouri State University for he has corrected my Chinese poem translation for free and taught me a lot about Bible since 2011.

Prof. Yuhuan Qiao of Missouri State University and his husband Dr. Xinyuan Zhu for they offered much help on logistics in my travel in the USA Oct, 2013 to Mar. 2014.

Prof. Wenping Qiu of Missouri State University and Head of a Chinese Church in the campus and his wife for they were my guider on Bible and Christianity in 2013 to 2014.

Pastor Philip Cheuk and his wife of Springfield Chinese Christian Church for they spent much time to help me and baptized for me in their church.

I would like to thank Mrs. Wanda Nava and Mr. Nava for their good leading. Also Mr. Qian Liu, Ms. Carissa Griffin, Mr. Michael Rorich & Mrs. Lynn Rorich and Mr. Yunfei Zhao for their good help.

-- My endless Gratitude to My Family Members, Students and Friends

Finally, I would like to thank all my family members. Especially I want to thank my younger brother for his helping at almost each key time or the most difficult time on printing my albums by offering the printing cost for my 4th albums and mail fee for delivering the albums to the USA. I would also like to thank my younger sister who is a seiner English teacher for she has checked and corrected all articles on the Chinese poems which I would like to published in this publication.   

I would like to thank those urgent assistances from Dr. Bill R. Booth, Mr. Jerry Taylor, Mr. Franklin Salveson, Ms. Carissa Griffin, Mrs. Wanda Nava and Mr. Philip Nava, Mr. John Divide Lawson from America, Mr. Ross from Australia for they have corrected my writing when I suffered from a sharp headache in the USA in Jan, 2014.

Thank Mr. Ray Heaton from Britain for he corrected 2 of my articles in this publication.

I would really like to thank all of my readers, friends and students, just for you are here or there, let me realize the value of my little cross-cultural dream and I myself, give me so much encouragement and strength to work and live optimistically and positively.

I would really like to remember you and try to return you with my continuous effort on the cross-culture and comprehensive art study, creation and practice, try to help more people in the world with a grateful heart...

Shirley Yiping Zhang
Nov, 2016