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Frendly Questios, Comments,& Suggestions From Friends--002: From Oct 1, 2005 to July 30, 2005
I received many friendly comments, suggestions and advices after I started to send a newsletter in the past 5 weeks . I appreciate all of the friends who have written to me and have given me the friendly opinions. I do cherish every friend, every letter and every idea of yours and I would like to read, to think of, to answer every letter and to save your good comments, questions and advices into my system and in my mind even though I could not answer every letter in time. I would really like to do my best to make the little web site to be An Electronic Bridge of the culture exchanging, friendship and language learningwith your concern, help and support...

Have you found your name on the list below? :-)

Do you enjoy seeing your name on the web site or not? Please let me know, ok?

A Good Cooments and Helpful Lesson From David, The U.S. on Oct 1, 2005

Hello, Shirley,

I think the picture that I like best of yours is Let's Hug The Green. Its very beautiful. You could make a lot of money selling those kind of pictures here. I also like Look! What A Beautiful One She Is. I liked your comment that you didn't know what a deer's foot looked like so you hid them in the grass! The next time you're not sure of something like that, you should just make something up. Give your deer a duck foot!

Here is your English lesson for the day: "Pride" is something that you have, and "proud" is something that you are. Both words refer to the same emotion, but are used in different ways.

In one of your other writings, you made a similar mistake with the word "beauty" or "beautiful". Beauty is something that you have, and beautiful is something that you are. For example: "the lake has beauty" or "the lake is beautiful."


A Firendly Cooment From Philippe From France, Sep 30, 2005:

I received three copies of your 5th Friendly Greeting, all three of them were ready to read but in only one (the second one, I believe) I could read the pictures. These are, to my feeling, the most attractive and easily understandable features of your site. Thank you, Shirley. You are a buoyant and cheerful person who considers life from the positive site and this is quite helpful to people like me, who tend to depress while reading reports on war and famine and on natural disasters such as epidemcis, earth quakes, tidal waves, typhons...

Trustfully yours


A Good Encouragement From Thomas Smith, The U.S., On Sep 29, 2005:

Hi, Shirley,

Many thankx for the newsletters and i send more this day...I have found your site to be most impressive and if you can add more paintings as time goes on will be doing fine I see no way to improve on what I feel is most great...and if I can think of something I shall let you know.


0033. A Good Comment From Joseph,U.K. On Sep, 29, 2005:

Hello and Hi Shirley, Thanks for the beautiful your site. I love them. I hope to learn how to draw from you one day,hahahaha. Well, I just wanted you to know that I am back. Have a nice day and be blessed.

Your friend,


A Goog Comment from Vincent, Malaysia,on Sep 28, 2005:




A Good Comment from John. B, from , 2005:

Dear Shirley,

I am glad to read from you. Please your poem is such a nice one that i cannot resist going over it time and again.

John, B

A Good Comment From Michael F., The U.S., On Sep 27, 2005 :

I have enjoyed your newsletter.

I have read that China has sent significant aid to the U.S. for disaster relief. Many thanks to your country for this.

I am enjoying your newsletter and am hoping that perhaps I am not too old to learn some Chinese from your site. Keep it going and enjoy yourself.

Until next time


A Good Comment From Frank, Australia on Sep 26,2005

Thank you for your wonderful mails Shirley you are a very talented lady.

Best regards from Australia.


A Good Comment from Joe, the U.S. on Sep 26, 2005:

Dear Shirley, thanks for the nice web sites. It was so nice of you to include the hurricane and of me, of course. You are a very kind lady.

A Good Comment from Moor, Canada on Sep 26, 2005:

Dear Shirley, Compliment of the day and thanks for the 5th friendly greetings! It's quite amazing seeing a woman doing sure a great and wonderful art work. I quite appreciate it, take care and keep the good work going.

Best Regards,


A Friendly Responding from Ran., the U.S. Sep 26, 2005:

Hello Shirley,Once again thank you for your charming and interesting newsletter.I appreciate it.

A Good Questions from Randy, the U.S. Sep 26, 2005:

Is the deer painting for sell, shirley?


A Good Comments From John, Belgium, Sep 26, 2005:

Hello, Shirley, I didn't answer yet your different mails from the last few weeks, but that doesn't mean that I didn't read your website and admired the beautiful paintings you make. I admire especially your free brush paintings.I like these fluent brush strokes. The other paintings are in a more decorative manner. This sort of painting is not so well-know by me, so it is difficult to give an appreciation. But one thing I can say, you have a wonderfull technique.

A Good reminding from Dave,The U.S. on Sep 26, 2005:

Hi Shirley,

There is a problem with anything that I "click" on in your emails. I can't get anything. When I "click on reply" then I can see some of your pictures. It is nice of you to include me in your mailing group anyway.

Have a great day.


A Friendly Couragment From Ray,The U.S. On Sep 26, 2005:

Dear Shirley,

Don't worry about the problems with your newsletter, it wasn't your fault, I'm just happy you do all this work so others can enjoy it. I love the singing parts & the paintings the best but all the artistice works you do are so good. I hope you don't tire yourself out with all this work & take time to relax.

Take care,


A Good Comment and Friendly Suggestion From Robert, the U.S., on Sep 25, 2005


Wonderful, very refreshing to see your first creation and its a great one. I think you should paint more now of the female and male characters. Using what ever jogs your mind and being the creative individual that you are. Incorporating your beautiful other masterful paintings in the background. Excellent painting, thank you for sharing your artistic talents....


A Good Comment from Tom, The U.S. on Sep 23, 2005 :

Shirley , I was most impressed with what you are doing, but I have always been most impressed with all that you do ...even I as a male could not do what you are doing...

wish you well.


A Good Comments From Kostas, Greece, on Sep 23, 3005

The site is a patient work of high sensibility, thus respecting the web passenger. The latter will certainly get a lot from it, especially if he/she has an active interest in China, so exotics to many of us, yet closer after looking into Shirley's site. This looks complete enough, but hopefully she will go on with this work.
It is not easy to commend proposing improvements, some thought missing data have been found searching the site. However this may be realized after some time of "digestion".



A Good Comment from David, the U.S., on Sep 1, 2005

Hello Shirley,

I like your painting and music very much. You have a lot of talent. What are the original sizes of your paintings?

I am also going to try to put some of your language lessons on my MP3 player.


A Good Suggestion from Marcos, Spain on Sep 20, :

Hello, Shirley: I've received your newsletters and everyone is interesting and provide utile information for
foreigners. Your web is very complete (it would be fine a section on movies!) and I will shape with keeping track of.



A Good Comment from Dan, the U.S. on Sep 19, 2005 :

I really enjoyed the Gouache--0096 painting. You are able to capture birds in flight. All your paintings look fine to me. You mentioned white lines because of two different paints in 0097, to the untrained eye such as mine, they are beautiful. Only the painter is so critical.

Have a good night.


A Question From Joe on Sep 18, the U.S.:

Dear Shirley, I got your newsletter. I have a question about moon cakes. What are they made from? Rice?

Hope all is well and hear from you.


A Friendly Wish From Golden, Canada on Sep 15, 2005 :

Hello Shirley!

I like your web site. Lots of nice things to see...It's good to be busy with artistic projects...


A Good Comment and Friendly Wish from Jesse, the U.S. on Sep 11,2005 :

Hi. So nice of your painting your song and your website, they are really charming. Best wish to you and your arts.


A Good Comments From Jack, the U.S. on Sep 11,2005:

Hello Shirley - I love your website, also I love your art.


A Friendly Suggestions from Micheal, The U.K.

Hello SHIRLEY, Thanks for information on China it would be nice if you sang one of your songs in English or perhaps I will write some words for you to add music.


A Friendly Comment From Moor, Canada on Sep 5,2005 :
Dear Shirley, Thanks so much for the wonderful greetings sent to me! I quite appreciate it and the Chinese painting, Chinese classical poem and Chinese pop song!!!

Keep it up!


A Friendly Comment and Good Question from Mora on Sep 3,2005:

I would love to receive your newsletter.

What is gong bi painting? Your painting is very beautiful --you are very talented.


A Friendly Comment From Jim From Canada on Sep 1, 2005 :

Hi, Shirley, Your website is expanding, I see. There are a lot of interesting pieces to read and view. Your art is of
course very well presented. I always did like your paintings.


Some Good comment, Friendly Suggestion And Help From Mike, U.K. on Sep 1,2005:

Hi, Shirley, I have received your latest newsletter. I really like your peonies and I enjoyed the article about the ancient poem and enjoyed listening to your song.
However, the piano on the latest song sounds louder than your voice and so it's sometimes difficult to hear the lyrics. I think it would be better if the microphone was nearer to your mouth when you are singing so that you could get a good balance between your voice and the piano, as you have done on your other songs. Bye the way, I think that the song should be called "The Same Song ̄ and not "A Same Song" for example, we would say we are singing "the same song"

I've attached my suggested corrections for your article on the poem "Die2 lian4 hua1"to this email; I do hope that you find them helpful. If there is a different approach that you would like me to take, that you feel would be more helpful to you with your English, please tell me, I will be happy to help in any way I can. :-)


A Good Suggestions from Glyn,the U.S. on Sep 1,2005:

Dear Shirley, My children have started school again and they are all learning Chinese, so if you start
working on a children's page for your web site I think that we would enjoy it. :-)

Some Good Data And A Friendly Suggestions from Ali, Iran, On Aug 30, 2005:

Hi dear Shirley, When I was Studying the page of "Butterfly loves flowers" I got some similar subjects between your fable and the nations who live here, close to Iran and Mesopotamia land, (Between the rivers of Tigreh and Ephrate in Iraq nowadays), then write these text for you, I hope it is useful for you.

Another suggestion: Please change the format of voice files to another formats, which would be compatible for Windows Media Player (WMA) or Windows sounds Recorder (Wav) or MP3, to be useful for each version of systems.

A good suggestion from David, the U.S. on Aug 29 & Sep 3,2005:

Hello, Shirley, Since you taught Chinese literature, maybe you could recommend some good modern books that are in translation.

I also looked at your Language and Song sections on your website, and found it very interesting. I liked
how you wrote out the pinyin so that I could follow along.


A Good Comment from George, the U.S. on Aug 26, 2005


Your picture is very beautiful. The two birds look like they are in love and are sharing their lives.



A Good Comment and A Current Problem from Randy, the U.S., Aug 17, 2005:

Hi, Shirley,

I looked at your website again and see that it is getting better and better. However I think the language learning part is too hard for beginning students.

A Good Comment and Suggestion from Asai, the U.S. on Aug, 13, 2005

I like what you are doing. I would enjoy a more literal translation of more advanced English, to see how it works out in Chinese.

I enjoyed your pictures, thanks for all your hard work.


One Of Many Friendly and Helpful Directions from Bruce, the U.S. On July 30, 2005:

Hi, Shirley, you are right about "poem" vs. "poetry." I would put it this way:

A poem is a single distinct work of literature. "He wrote a poem." "The magazine published two of my poems."

Poetry refers to this form of literature. "Some poetry rhymes, and some does not." It is also used to say that something is elegant and refined. "Her ice skating is pure poetry."

You could say, "I am going to translate some poems" or "I am going to translate some poetry." The first indicates that you will translate more than one complete poem. The latter could mean that you are going to translate anything from a single line from a poem to parts of many poems to
many complete books.


After reading all of these good comments and friendly supports and helpful ideas, I do feel that my heart is warm and be touched. I am so lucky to meet all of you. I would really like to thank you and hope you are happy, healthy and have a good new week.

If you find that I have missed your good ideas and comments and so on, please write to, I will add it next time. Ok? :-)

Written and Edited It on Sun. Sep 25/Oct 2, 2005