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Cover Design--02Together With Me, Learn Chinese Culture and Language by Enjoying and Practicing Painting, Music and Poetry (Poetry, Painting, Music: Comprehensive & Artistic Chinese) Volume II

NOTE: All of the words and the cover designs of the publication are in the process to be checked and polished by the publishing house at this time, they are not the final copies yet.

Publishing Introduction to Volume II of Together With Me, Learning Painting, Music and Poetry by Enjoying Painting, Music & Poetry

This is the of the 2nd design of the cover of the volume II of my last publication by Jinan University Press, which will be published by it in April, 2017, and 7 professors (1 music professor, 1 Chinese art professor who is Supervisor of PHD Candidates and 5 professors who are Supervisor of Candidates for Master of Fine Arts) offered 53 their art and music for the digital part of the publication).

The man on the right is Professor Jiashan Mu who came back from the USA and was a professor at Maryland Institute College of Art, gave lectures at Harvard University, Yale University, Beijing University, Tsinghua University and so on... He created a special technique for Chinese Mountains and Water Painting and is a Cheung Kong Scholars of China.

He is my supervisor for my Master of Fine Arts at Chinese National Academy of Arts and my art advisor of the new publication. Especially he created a painting to match a classical poem in the book and offered another 7 paintings for the digital part of the new publication.

The other man on the left is Professor Weiye Meng who was graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music and performed in more than 20 countries.

He is my music advisor, coach and piano accompanist. He modified my music creating, coached me to sing and record in the music studio. Especially, he sang 3 poem songs in Chinese in person and played all of the piano music for the digital part of the new publication.

He did the same thing for the first volume of the publication which was published in 2013.

I have suggested the publishing house to write both of my professors as my art advisor and music advisor on the cover and I do hope they will accept my idea.

How do you think of it? Which design do you like? If you were me, which design would like to choose?