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Along with the open of China, more and more friends who are from the other cultures would like to know China via learning Chinese langauge. :-) I had got more and more letters to ask me to offer some help on Chinese learning.

In about April, 2005, some letters about asking me to offer Chinese numbers 1 - 100, to offer some general greeting wordes and their voice files. The fact that the voice files was too big so that it was too difficult to send via an email, so,   I started to think of opening a culumn on my own web site to offer a help to the friends who are needing help on Chinese learning. :-) So, I started the work from the National Holiday of May Day, 2005. At the first, I started a Chinese Classical Poems culumn. Then, some friends thought it was too difficult to learn for the beginners, so, I tried to open this column to offer the daily Chinese.

If you checked this part, you would find that I have been changing my content and the work way for hoping the content and teaching way is more suitable to the friends who are from the other cultures to learn... Until now, I am still learning, trying and exploring, I do hope to get your support, directions and help...

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , or, You are welcomed to publish your opinions in Forum For Friends as well. You are welcomed.

Sun. Feb, 19, 2006

Chinese in Arts -002(Sentences:222 - 224): How to Say Something about "Archaeology" in Chinese --May 8, 2011 2011-05-09
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Chinese in Current Affairs -0037(Sentences:213 - 215): How to Say "Nuclear Power & Nuclear Catastrophe" in Chinese --March 20, 2011 2011-03-20
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Chinese in Daily Life -- 0035( Sentence: 207--209): How To Say "Something Is My Favourite" in Chinese - March 5, 2011
Chinese in Daily Life -- 0034( Sentence: 204--206): How To Say "Change for Good" in Chinese - Feb 26, 2011
Chinese in Daily Life -- 0012( Sentence: 078--082): How To Say "Valentine's Day" and "I Love You" In Chinese
-- Grammar 01: Question Sentence and Main Chinese Sentence Form
Chinese in Daily Life-0027 (Sentences:204 - 206): How to Say "Yuan Xiao Fastival" in Chinese -- Shirley Made It in the US--001 2009-02-08
Chinese in Current Affairs -0033(Sentences:201 - 203): How to Say "The Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2008 Opened" 2008-04-12
Chinese in Current Affairs -0031(Sentences:198 - 200): How to Say "The Flame for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is lit" 2008-03-31
Chinese in Current Affairs-0030 (Sentences:195 - 197): How to say something about "The Smiles from Children of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games" 2008-03-16
Chinese in Current Affairs --0029 (Sentences:192 - 194): How to say " Shenzhen's Per Capita GDP Exceeds US$10,000" 2008-03-09
Chinese in Daily Life-0026 (Sentences: 189 - 191): How to say "Spring Festival" in Chinese? 2008-02-19
Chinese in Current Affairs-0028 (Sentences:186 - 188): How to Say "China - US Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) Declared a Success" 2007-12-15
Chinese in Current Affairs-0027(Sentences:183 - 185): How to Say "China to Tighten Monetary Policy in 2008: 2007-12-06
Chinese in Current Affairs-0026(Sentences:180 - 182): How to Say "In a First, PLA Ship Docks at Japan Port" 2007-11-30
Chinese in Current Affairs-0025(Sentences:175 - 177): How to Say "Turkeys Spread Wings in China" 2007-11-25
Chinese in Daily Life-0025(Sentence: 174 -- 0176):How to Say "Catch a Bus or a Train" 2007-04-21
Chinese in Current Affairs-0024(Sentence:168--170): How to Say "Government Encourages Foreign Companies to Move to West China" 2006-10-31
Chinese in Current Affairs --0023(Sentence: 162--164): How to Say "Number of Chinese Broadband Subscribers Reaches 77 Million" 2006-09-22
Chinese in Current Affairs-0022( Sentence: 159--161): How to Say "China Launches Telecom Satellite" 2006-09-13
Chinese in Current Affairs --0021( Sentence:156--158): How to Say "China: The World's Largest Shoe Producer" 2006-09-05
Chinese in Current Affairs-0020(Sentence: 153--155): How to Say "Half of all Mobile Phones Made in China in 2006" 2006-09-01
Chinese in Current Affairs-0019(Sentence"150--152): How to Say "Who Will Support China's Economy in 50 Years?" 2006-08-24
Chinese in Current Affairs-0018(Sentence: 147--149): How to Say "The 2006 World Basketball Championship Opened in Japan" 2006-08-19
Chinese in Current Affairs -- 0017(Sentence:144--146):China encourages more foreign investment in high-tech sector 2006-08-10
Chinese in Daily Life-0024(Sentence:141--143): The Moon's Orbit 2006-08-05
Chinese in Current Affairs-0016(Sentence: 138--140): How to Say "Microsoft Enters Health-care Industy; Google,Yahoo Offer New Services for Mobile Phones " 2006-07-30
Chinese in Current Affairs-0015(Sentence:134--137): How to Say "China's Netizen Population & Broadband User Number" 2006-07-22
Chinese in Daily Life-0023(Sentence:130--134): Talking About The World Cup... 2006-07-01
Chinese in Daily Life-0022( Sentence:126--129): Directions 2006-04-21
Chinese in Daily Life-0021( Sentence:122--125): How To Find Transport. 2006-04-14
Chinese in Daily Life-0020(Sentence:118--121): How to Say Hello, Thank You and Please
Chinese Language Custom 05: Polite words and Good Manners.
Chinese in Daily Life-0019( Sentence:114--118):What to Call One's Relatives 03:"Cousins"--Chinese Language Custom 004 2006-04-01
Chinese in Daily Life-0018(Sentence: 108--113):How to Call One's Relatives 02:"Aunt"
-- Chinese Language Customs 03
Chinese in Daily Life-0017: (Sentence:102--107):How to Call One's Relatives 01:"Uncle"
-- Chinese Language Custom 02: "Uncle" Has to Be Expressed With Some Different Characters
Chinese in Daily Live -- 0016(Sentence: 098--101): How to Call One's Family Members-01: Grandparent, Parent, Brother & Sister
--Chinese Language Custom:Elder/Younger Brother/Sister
Chinese in Daily Live -- 0016( Sentence: 092--097): How to Talk About The Seasons In Chinese 2006-03-03
Chinese in Daily Life -- 0015(Sentence: 088--091): How to Ask and Answer "Where Are You From?" In Chinese
Chinese Grammar --02: How to Use Copula "Be" in Chinese
Chinese in Daily Life -- 0014( Sentence: 083--087): How To Say "Qin Terracotta Warriors & Horses" In Chinese ?
-- Chinese Pinyin 02: How To Distinguish Between "Shnxi"and &quo
Chinese in Daily Life -- 0012( Sentence: 078--082): How To Say "Valentine's Day" and "I Love You" In Chinese
-- Grammar 01: Question Sentence and Main Chinese Sentence Form
Chinese in Daily Life -- 0011( Sentence: 074--077): How To Say "Water Lily" In Chinese    2006-02-04
Chinese in Daily Life-- 0010(Sentence: 067--072): How To Make Greetings During Chinese New Year -- Spring Festival 2006-01-24
Chinese in Daily Life -- 009( Sentence: 060--066): How To Talk Weather-- "Ice" In Chinese 2006-01-18
Chinese in Daily Life -- 008( Sentence: 055--059): How To Talk Weather -- "Snow" In Chinese 2006-01-14
Chinese in Daily Life-- 007( Sentence:049-054): How To Say Something about "Dream" In Chinese 2006-01-06
Chinese in Daily Life -- 006( Sentence: 041-048):How To Say "Happy New Year!/New Year's Day!"In Chinese 2005-12-31
Chinese in Daily Life -- 005 (Sentence: 039-040):How To Say "Merry Christmas!" In Chinese 2005-12-24
Chinese in Current Affairs --0014(Sentence:036-038):How to Say "Fed Lifts Rate -OPEC Maintains Output -China Cuts Import Tariffs" 2005-12-14
Chinese in Current Affairs--0012(Sentenc: 033-035): How to Say "Foreign Bank In China -- Airbus -- N.Y.C.Snow" 2005-12-09
Chinese in Current Affairs--0011(Sentence:030-032):"How to say "ECB Rises Rate -- China Textiles In EU -- Tibetan Language Mobile Phone" 2005-12-01
Chinese in Current Affairs 0010: How to Say "Second Trade Country -- US President Rode Bicycle In Beijing -- Emmy Rewards" 2005-11-22
Chinese in Current Affairs--009: How to Say "Inflation Target-- Crude-Oil Prices -- China's Oscar" 2005-11-20
Chinese in Current Affairs - 008:How to Say "ECB Banchmark Rate -- Textile Trade -- Birds Flu" 2005-11-10
Chinese in Current Affairs -- 007: How to Say " Fed Benchmark Rate -- Fight Birds Flu -- Lunar Exploration" 2005-11-04
Chinese in Current Affairs - 006: How to Day "Fed Chairman --Birds Flu -- Trade Partners" 2005-10-29
Chinese in Current Affairs--005: How to Say "Spacecraft -- Energy Price -- Hurricane" 2005-10-22
Chinese in Current Affairs--004: How to Say "China Launches 2nd Manned Spacecraft" 2005-10-12
Chinese in Current Affairs--003: How to Say "South Asia Earthquake" in Chinese 2005-10-11
Chinese in Current Affairs --002: How to Say" The Festival Of China in The U.S." in Chinese 2005-10-04
Chinese in Current Affairs 001: How to Say "Hurricane in the U.S." in Chinese 2005-09-25
Chinese in Daily Life--004: How to Read Number: 11 to 21 2005-08-20
Chinese in Daily Life 003: How to Read Number: 0 -10 2005-07-16
Chinsese in Daily Life 002: How to Introduce a New friend to Another 2005-05-03
Chinese in Daily Life 001: How to Greet Others 2005-05-02