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Now, there are more and more Chinese learning English via listen to or sing English songs, that really gives me an idea that maybe I should open a music column to help the friends who need help to learn Chinese via learning Chinese songs.

So, in May, 2005, when I started my work on Chinese language, I started a Chinese modern Lyrics column. Then, as soon as I update my Chinese folk songs and art songs column, you can see their lyrics in this column and also you can hear me to sing it in Chinese.

For make you work easy, I translate all of the lyrics and offer them Chinese pronunciation. I think, along with the work that I am doing on Chinese classical poems and Daily Chinese part to explain every new word's meaning and read them for you, I am sure, you can find them in the new words board more and more and you will be convenient to read and under Chinese more and more...

I am thinking to make The Daily Chinese Column for the friends who are beginning, The Chinese Classical Poems for then middle level friends, Chinese Vs. English Column for the advanced level friends. Also, I would like this column work for all friends to train your ears and your listening ability because I feel the listing is the most difficult. part in a language learning. So, I would really like to do my best to help you to have a couple of very sensitive ears to Chinese. :-)

Anyway, I am just a learner on the work. So, I do hope to get your support, direction and help. If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , or, or publish your opinions in Forum For Friends. You are welcomed.

Sun. Feb, 19, 2006

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Shirley Sung Chinese (Xingjiang) Folk Song--0023: Turpan's Grape Is Ripe 2006-06-10
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Chinese Folk Song --021: A Oath Of Wedding

Chinese Popular Song--004: The Contribution Of Love 2006-04-21
Chinese Art Song--0017: Red Bean Lyrics 2006-04-16
Chinese Art Song (Aria)--0016: A Ray of Setting Sun
(Frome Opera: Shang Shi -- Being Sad For the Death)
Chinese (Sichuan)Folk Song --0019: Kangding Ballad 2006-04-01
Chinese Art and Folk Song--0014: A Song of Peony
China Art and Folk Song--011: In the Place That Peachblossom Are Blossoming 2006-02-24
China (Shnxi) Folk Song -- 0017: People Said That Shanxi Is In A Good Scene --Ren Shuo Shanxi Hao Fengguang 2006-02-16
China (Jiangsu ?Yangzhou) Folk Song -- 0016: What A Beautiful Jasmine 2006-02-13
Chinese (Beijing )Folk Song--0015: My Hometown Is Beijing 2006-01-27
Chinese Art Song--010: Xue -- Snow 2006-01-14
Chinese Art Song--009: Ah, China's Land 2005-12-31
Chinese (Taiwan) Balladry--014: Waipo De Penhuwan
--Grandmother's Penhu Bay
Chinese Art Song--008:Die Lian Hua - Butterfly Loves Flower 2005-12-10
Chinese Art Song--007:Xiu Hong Qi -- Embroider A National Flag (From Chinese Opera: Ms. Jiang) 2005-12-04
Chinese Art Song--006: Hong Mei Zan -- Praising Red Plum Blossom (From Chinese Opera -- Ms. Jiang) 2005-11-26
China (Yunnan)Folk Song--012: Xiao He Tang Shui -- A Gantle Stream 2005-11-20
Chinese Art Song--005: Huang Shui Yao-- Yellow Water Ballad 2005-11-13
China (Tibet) Folk Song--010: Fan Shen Nong Nu Ba Ge Chang -- Free Slaver Is Singing 2005-10-29
Chinese Art Song--004: Let Us Share The Destiny With Love 2005-10-22
Chinese Art Song--002: Zou Jin Xin Shi Dai--Walk Into The New Times 2005-10-02
China (Jiangsu ?Wuxi) Folk Song--007: Tai Humei-- The Beautiful Tai Lake 2005-09-20
China (Northeastern) Folk Song--006: Yao Lan Qu -- Lullaby 2005-09-14
Chinese Popular Song--002: The Same Song 2005-09-08
Chinese Popular Song--001: Having You In My Mind 2005-09-04
Chinese Art Song--001: Motherland, Loving Mother 2005-08-21