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Chinese vs. English--002: Hello, Gorgeous!(Snippet 02)



Hi, Friends, today, I will continue to translate a snippet from the great contemporary American writer -- Bruce Holland Rogers'works: Hello, Gorgeous! to help you to learn Chinese.


He went to church every Sunday and met girls there. Even better, he could stroll across the college campus looking for pretty faces. Some girls showed him their engagement rings, said they had a steady guy, or just told him to get lost. He didn't mind. Sometimes he even struck up a conversation after he had already spotted the diamond ring. He just liked talking to girls.


church:jia4 tang2
every:mei3 ge4, mei3 yi1 ge4
Sunday:xing1 qi1 tian1,zhou1 ri4
and:he2, yu3
meet:jian, hui4 jian4, yu4 jian4
there:zai4 na4 li3, n24 li3
even:shen4 zhi
better:geng4 hao3,geng4 duo1
can: neng2 gou4, hui4
stroll:man4 bu4 (use in the literature works), xian2 guang4
across:yue4 gou4, chuan1 guo4
college:xue2 yuan4,da4 xue2
campus:xiao4 yuan2
look for:xun2 zhao3,zhui1 xun2
pretty:piao4 liang4 de, ke3 ai4 de
face:mian4 kou3 (use in the literature), lian3 (use in the oral language)
some:yi1 xie1
show:zhan3 shi4, chu1 shi4
their: ta1 men2 de
engagement ring: ding4 hun1 jie4 zhi
engagement:ding4 hun1
ring: jie4 zhi
steady:gu4 ding4 de, wen3 ding4 de
guy:jia1 huo, ren1 (Here means "boyfriend": nan2 you3, nan2 peng2 you3)
or:huo4 zhe3
just:jin4 jin4, gan1 cui4
tell:gao4 su4
get lost:zhao3 cuo4 (ren2) le
mind:jie4 yi4
sometimes:you3 shi2
strip up:kai1 shi3, fa1 qi3
conversation:tan2 hua4, dui4 hua4
to strike up a conversation: kai1 shi3 /fa1 qi3 yi1 ge4 tan2 hua4
already: yi3 jing1
spot:pei4 bei4 (literature langusge, written word) dai4 shang4 (oral language)
diamond ring: zuan4 jie4
diamond:zuan4 shi2
like:xi3 huan1
talk:jiao1 tan2, tan2 hua4


Mei3 ge4 xing1 qi1 tian1,ta1 dou1 hui4 qu4 jiao4 tang2, bing4 zai4 na4 li3 yu4 jian4 gu1 niang men。Geng4 duo1 de shi2 hou4, ta1 hui4 man4 bu4 zai4 da4 xue2 xiao4 yuan2,zhui1 xun2 na4 xie1 piao4 liang4 de mian4 kong3。You3 xie gu1 niang xiang4 ta1 zhan3 shi4 ta1 men2 de ding4 hun1 jie4 zhi, biao3 shi4 ta2 men2 yi3 jing1 you3 le gui4 ding4 de nan2 you3, huo4 zhe3 gan1 cui4 gao4 su4 ta1 zhao3 cuo4 le dui4 xiang4。Er ta1 dui4 ci3 bing4 bu jie4 yi4。Ji2 shi3 ta1 yi3 jing1 dai4 shang4 le ding4 hun1 zuan4 jie4,ta1 yi1 ran2 re4 zhong1 yu2 bu4 shi2 de yu3 gu1 niang men de dui4 hua4。Ta jiu4 shi4 xi3 huan1 yu3 nu3 xing4 dui4 hua4。



Ok, this is today's content and hope it will be a little bit help for your Chinese learning. If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to You are welcomed.

Translated On July,31,2005
Edited & Recorded on Aug.,1,2005