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So Many First Times-- Shirley's America Travel Diary 138 & 554th Friendly Greeting - April 19, 2017

Hi,Dear Friends

Have you started a wonderful new week?

This is just a short letter to say Hello to you for keeping in touch with you, while to share so many First times I have experienced in that past 15 days since I wrote you last time:

-- It is the first time I knew a little bit thing about a roof because I resolved a little bit problem on the roof of my house by the good help of Mr. John Walker (he is on the second photo in the middle) and a young gentleman.

--It is the first time I saw a weeds eater but did not know its name until I asked Mrs. Fran Giglio (she is on the 4th photo)in my classroom and then bought it by the good help of my former classmate Amy (she is on the 3rd photo) who is from LA to see her host family and me (she is on the photo)

-- It is the first time I myself cuts the grass in the yard and trimed the lawn around of my house with the big "toy "C the weeds eater and I "played the game" with a very delight heart in the sunshine.

-- It is the first time I printed my sunshine room in the yard and did something tp decorate the surface of my house

-- It is the first time I bought a house insurance.

-- It is the first time I felt an obvious disdain from a cold face when I could not express my meaning clearly in an Organization since I came to the US first time in 2008 and it has really given me a new motivation to improve my English.

-- It is the First time, because 3 young men (they are on the first photo) from the local fire department came to my house to fix the smoke alarms, then I knew the batteries inside can keep for 10 years. Wow!

-- It is the first time I have become an online student of an American University for improving my English continuously.

-- It is the first time I knew how Americans made the colorful eges for the Easter Day.


All of the so many First Times have really given a totally new feeling : Culture is everywhere and there are too many things I must learn in both of America and China, therefore, I am going back to Chinese National Academy of Arts to take part in a special course which has been arranged by the supervisor of my study for the Master of Fine Arts C Professor Mu Jiafan (he is on the last photo on the right) for my 7th year¨s study in Beijing.

Ok, now I have to go to visit one of my English teachers...

Sincerely, thank you, have a good day.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to or leave your message on Message Board.


Shirley Yiping Zhang
April 19, 2017 (American Time)

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