¡¡ Web Map

Web Map of Shirley¡¯s World

Part I   Shirley¡¯s Art of Painting, Music, Calligraphy & Creation

      1.Shirley's Painting & Creation
      Shirley Created Combined Art
      -- Chinese Xieyi Paintings -- Freehand Brushworks
      -- Chinese Gongbi Paintings -- Realistic Paintings      

      2. Shirley's Music & Creation

      --Shirley Created Music
      --Shirley Sung Chinese Folk Songs
      --Shirley Sung Chinese Art Songs
      --Shirley Sung Chinese Popular Songs
      --Shirley Sung English Songs
      --Chinese Instrumental music

3. Shirley's Calligraphy & Creation         

4. Shirley's Writing & Creation
      -- Poem Writing
      -- Art Note
      -- Traveling Diary
      -- Lives

Part II   Learning Chinese with Shirley Together

1. Shirley's Chinese Language Teaching

      --Chinese Classical Poems
      -- Daily Chinese
      -- Vocabulary in Chinese
      --Chinese Modern Lyrics
      --Chinese Vs. English

2. Shirley's China
      -- Custom
      -- Language
      -- Tour
      -- Art
      -- Painting
      -- Music

Part III   Interactive Communication

           -- --Forum
           -- --Register
           -- -- Shirley's Friendly Greeting

Part IV   Friendship

      --Shirley's Friends
      --Friend's English Lesson
      --Friend's Cultures
      --Friend's Responding

Part V: Service

      -- Shirley's Weekly Newsletter
      -- Chinese Software Download
      --Realplay Download
      -- Festival Cards: For Christmas Day
      -- Festival Cards: For Valentine's Day & Spring Festival
      --Weekly Newsletter
        -- Web Map
        -- Connect Shriley

Part VI : About Shirley

      -- Biography
      About Shirley's World
      Shirley's Photos