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2002 was my milestone. July, I sent my son to Australia. August,I got my doctoral degree. October, my first translated series with 4 books were published by Jinan (Guang Zhou) University nationwide after I had published 12 books in my professional fields by 5 publishing houses and created and edited more than 6,000 pages of a Securities Newspaper. November, my elder brother who was 48 years old passed away. December, the company that I had worked for 10 years was sold...

All of these happened in a too short time so that I didnot think that I could respond them. Anyway, I asked myself, since life was so short and weak, whether I had any dreams that was not true yet?

When I was thinking, I started to work on my dreams since my childhood...

Just like special medicine, painting and music made me calm down and comfortable... For painting, I had to touch the nature. In the process that touched and observed the nature, I started to see the world with a new view. The more I touched nature, the more I felt the beautiful qualities of the nature. I suddenly realized that there are so many beautiful things in the world. No matter a flower or a grass, a tree or a bird, they are all so wonderful with their natural qualities. They all have lives. They all need to be looked after by the human being... :-)

Because touching the nature, my heart started to get wider, tolerance and happy... while my dreams from the childhood has been true...

In the past 3 years, I painted 99 Gouache pictures and 79 Chinese pictures, over 500 sketched. I have had my own thoughts about Gouache learning. I would like to learn the Western painting way via learn Gouache, and also I want to learn Chinese painting style and combine both of them together to create my own painting style.

Painting is a hard work; painting is also a happy enjoyment; painting will accompany whole of my rest life...

As a learner who teach myself in most of my time, I do hope to get your support, direction and help. If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to shirley@ebridge.cn or shirleyz004@yahoo.com, or publish your opinions in Forum For Friends. You are welcomed.

Mon. Feb, 20, 2006

Flowers and Birds Landscapes

This is my 130th Gouache Painting. It is also my 542 painting since 2003 an...more

This is my 129th Gouache Painting. It is also my 541st painting since 2003 ...more

This is my 128th Gouache Painting. It is also my 539th painting since 2003 ...more

Last weekend, Feb, 2009, I did not paint for I was involved myself in my new lesson. So, I would like to show you my 127th Gouache Painting. It is also

This is my 126th Gouache Painting. It is also my 329th painting since 2003 ...more

This is my 125th Gouache Painting. It is also my 326th painting since 2003 ...more

This is my 124th Gouache Paintingand It is my 16th painting in 2008.

As usual, I went to the biggest art store to buy some art books or painting tools as soon as I went out...more

This is my 123rd Gouache Paintingand It is my 15th painting in 2008.

I started it in my m...more
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