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Mr. Tony Martin(in the middle) - is the Community Director of the Jefferson Apartments and a student of Missouri State University who is major in Sports Medicine.

I knew him on the second day I reached in Springfield and signed a leases with his company to rent an apartment in the building ...more

I love children and enjoy the time with them together.

When I was in the USA, many times, when I gave as many classes as to the lovely American children and students, I thought of my own son. I wished to know what he did now and often, I felt sorry that I could not accompany him very often f...more

Friday night, Feb 12, 2014, as soon as my art exhibition was finished, I went to the Chinese Baptist Church in the campus, to say goodbye the sisters and brothers, to thank God for his good looking after and guiding.

Also, I sent a little wedding presents to celebrate both Mr. Zhang Peng and...more

During we had a pizza lunch, I gave each members of the art gallery a little gift as a memory and to express my grateful heart to them for their good help and effort during my art exhibition was held in their gallery.

On this photo, from left to right: Mr. Cody Rivers, Ms. Cheisea Cunninggha...more

Feb 28, 2014, as soon as I completed to account the paintings with a girl by the good arrangment of Mr. Darren Young - Assistant to the Associate Vice President, had a short talking with Mr. Stephen H Robinette -- Associate Vice President of Missouri State University, I came back the art gallery of...more

I knew Mr. Stephen H Robinette -- Associate Vice President of Missouri State University at a meeting with the government delegation of Hainan Province, May, 2009. Since then, he has helped me a lot.

The biggest things he helped me were two:

-- After Mr. Joe Jenkins was sick, he would...more

As soon as the art exhibition was finished at 11:00a.m., I connected Mr.Stephen H Robinette -- An Associate Vice President of Missouri State University and I was in his office at 12:00a.m.

I wished to account the 64 of my paintings that I had donated to Springfield and stored in the shop of ...more

I was surprised when Ms.Carissa K Griffin called me to follow her to a painting of mine mystically.

When I went to her, she took out of a notebook and read in Chinese.

Wow! That was a classical Chinese poem. She read it or me in Chinese.

I was so happy for she could read a C...more

Can you imagine how lucky I was?

Within the last for about 3 hours, before my art exhibition was finished, Aunt of Mrs. Faith Eostman (she is in the middle), who is a 92 water color artist from the other state came to my art exhibition.

She was not only asked me to sign my name for h...more
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