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Title: Chinese Gongbi -- 016(Flower, Bird & Character): Sound Of Flute...
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 66cm(25.98 inch ) x 88cm (34.65 inch )
Completed Time: Sat, Feb 12, 2006
This is my 16th Chinese Gonbi painting. I had drafted it in my holiday and colored it for whole of week. Almost all nights I was "tied" on the picture and I am interested in studying the way to color a person and my water lilies with Chinese Gongbi style. :-)

First time, I painted fish and made them to "Listen to " the sound of flute and to dance with the music... at the first, I painted a moon on the left and up corner and wanted to give the picture a name "Moon River". Then, I corrected it for I thought that if it was in the night, my flowers should not with bright colors and I am enjoying create some flowers with some bright colors.

Chinese colors are different from Gouache colors. They can not be so red or so green before you color something many times. So, at least, I colored the skirt of the girl 10 times, otherwise, the color cannot be so red. :-) So, Chinese Gongbi picture needs to be colored many times. Usually we said about 9 times... :-)

When I was painting, I was thinking and studding Chinese color's characteristics. I have colored 99 Gouaches in past 3 year. I am not used of Chinese colors yet. So, I have been thinking how to make the colors' mix way easier than my teacher taught me. So, I am working with my own way -- similar to the gouache. I make all colors on many dishes and take another color dish to mix it in this one. And take a dish in my hand to paint as I paint a gouache. I feel cool for me even though it is not follow the rulers. :-)

I have only 2 0r 3 hours art lesson weekly. That is really not enough for 3 kinds of paintings. So, I do feel that I need wider and more directions in different art fields from different teachers and books. :-) So, I am thinking to find a new art teacher while to read more art books... So, no matter how later in the night, I read some art books as the last thing for a day.

Now the best good things are two ones. One is that I often find something wrong on my picture before I have finished it or as soon as I finish it. In this picture, the flower's color near the girl should not be orange; it is too similar to the dress of the girl. The sleeves of the girl should be white and also, the face of the girl is still not very well; and the color of the background is a little bit dirty; the fish¨s color is not detail enough´

So, I am thinking re-color this picture someday.

Another good thing is that my mind is in a very active situation, when I am painting first picture, the second one has been in my mind already... :-) I am in a high creative emotion right now...:-)

What is your comment about this picture? Can you give me some new ideas?