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Ebridge Cross-culture and Comprehensive Art series II-1 was published by Jinan University Press May, 2013

01.   春晓 — A Spring Morning
02.   惠崇春江晚景 — Inscription on Hui Chong's Painting“An Evening Scene on a Spring River”
03.   咏鹅—Singing About Geese
04.   小池 — A Little Pool
05.   江畔独步寻花 — Finding Flowers Alone by the River
06.   望月怀远 — Looking at the Moon & Missing Someone Faraway
07.   题都城南庄—Inscription in a Village South of the Capital
08.   别董大 — A Farewell Song for Dong Da
09.   赋得古原草送别—Send off on the Ancient Plain (The First Part)
10.   山中问答 — Question and Answer on the Mountain
11.   早梅 — The Plum Blossoms    in the Early Spring
12.   竹石 — Bamboos on the Rocks