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Trilingual/Bilangual Song--005/049: Shirley Shirley Sings An Italian Song 005:"Nina" in Italian, English & Chinese" in the US--017 2009-06-27
Trilingual Song--003: Shirley Sung Italian Song --004: "Amarilli, Mia Bella -- Amarilli, I Adore You" in Italian, English & Chinese 2008-03-23
Tilingual Song--002: Shirley Sung Italian Song --002 " Caro Mio Ben   -- My Dearest" in Italian, English & Chinese 2008-01-13
Bilingual Song--0016: Shirley Sung A Italian Song "Di Spagna Sono Lablla -- A Beautiful Spaish Girl" in Italian & Chinese 2007-11-15
Trilingual Song--009: Shirley Sings An Italian Song "Caro Mio Ben"-- My Dear -- Wo Qinai De in Italian, English & Chinese 2007-09-24
Bilingual Song--008: Shirley Sings A Russian Song "A Pathway " in English & Chinese 2007-09-17
Oscar Movie Song Is Sung In Chinese & English-- 004: Edelweiss 2006-02-04
Germany Song Is Sung In Chinese and English -- 003: Brahms' Lullaby 2006-01-22
American Song Is Sung In Chinese & English --002: Beautiful Dreamer 2006-01-07
English Song Is Sung In Chinese--01: Christmas Song--Jingle, Bells 2005-12-25